Nutritional Facts And Health Benefits Of Saffron

As you all know that, saffron is a well-known spice. Besides vegetables and fruits, spice also provides extraordinary and excellent health benefits and medicinal properties. Among the many spices available, it is the only spice that is packed with extensive advantages and nutritional facts. The appearance of the spice will be like small and thin roots of plants. Actually, it is the threads or dried stigma of the flower present in the plant called Crocus sativus. Southern Europe is the origin of this spice and now it is cultivated all through the world because of its immense benefits.

You can address this spice mostly in the countries namely India, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Iran, France and more. The height of the Crocus sativus plant will be about 15 to 20 cm and it features lavender colored flowers. The plant produces flowers in the season of October to November. Each and every flower contains stalk or style that connects to three stigmas of the plant. The stigmas will be in Yellow-Orange color. The stigmas along with the stalks contain the spice.

This spice will never grow in all the places, rather the production of the spice will require humid and cool climate, enough rainfall, irrigation facilities and soil with rich fertility. The flowers will be plucked from the plant in the early morning hours. Once, after the flower plucking is done, their stigmas will be separated. The separated stigmas will be dried for some hours for marketing. The essence of the spice is rare and it comes from the elements like safranal and picrocrocin. Every 100 gm of this spice contains the following nutritional facts,

  • Calories – 310
  • Saturated fat – 8%
  • Monounsaturated fat – 0.4 g
  • Total fat – 9%
  • Polyunsaturated fat – 2.1 g
  • Cholesterol – 0%
  • Protein – 22%
  • Potassium – 49%
  • Sodium – 6%
  • Carbohydrate – 21%
  • Dietary fiber – 15%
  • Magnesium – 66%
  • Vitamin A – 10%
  • Iron – 61%
  • Vitamin B-6 – 50%
  • Calcium – 11%
  • Vitamin C – 134%

All these nutritional facts and its medicinal and health benefits make it a valuable spice all over the world. Yes, of course, the cost of the spice will be high while comparing to other spices available on the market. The reason is that, no other spices will supply this many benefits what this spice supplies. It is nothing in wrong in spending something more for getting the valuable and priceless spice.

Health Benefits Of Saffron

This spice can provide you the following benefits,

  • The flower pistils of the Crocus sativus plant contain important and vital volatile oils which are limonene, safranal, borneol, cineole, linalool, geraniol, terpinen-4-oil and more. Among that, the safranal oil is an essential one that provides the pleasing and delicious tang to the saffron. These oils are something that helps in managing the overall health effectively and properly.
  • This spice contains many plant-derived chemical elements like anti-oxidants, health enhancing substances and disease preventing compounds. So, craving this spice will help you a lot in preventing the future diseases and improving your present health.
  • This spice contains Crocin which is nothing but a carotenoid compound. This compound contains some anti-oxidants that assist in developing the health of the body and further it reduces the causes of cancers and other life-threading diseases.
  • If you want to maintain your health in a positive manner, you can crave this spice with milk. Yes, this spice is packed with essential vitamins, including folic acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin and Riboflavin. These vitamins are something that helps in maintaining your body health to the point and accuracy.
  • Heart rate and blood pressure can be controlled by simply taking this spice. This spice contains minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and more. These minerals are something that is responsible for controlling blood pressure and heart rate.
  • This spice can be used as an anti-convulsant, antiseptic, anti-oxidant and digestive compound.
  • Craving this spice will never bring any pessimistic effects at all.
  • If you are someone that would like to become fair with glowing skin, you can of course consume this spice.

Medicinal Uses Of Saffron

  • The saffron has been used in treating diseases like spasmodic, indigestion, septic issues and others. Also, this spice is used as carminative and diaphoretic for many years.
  • This spice contains anti-cancer and anti-depression properties, so it is used to prevent cancer and depression issues.
  • Research has proved that, the expectant mothers can have this spice to give birth to a strong, fair and healthy baby. So, pregnant ladies can take this spice as a medicine until they give birth to a baby.

How To Pick Good Saffron?

It is not just a vegetable or fruit to buy it by looking at its appearance. Rather, it is a spice, so it should be tested with respect to its flavor, aroma and more. If you want to buy good and fresh spice, then check whether or not it is dark red in color. The fresh spice is something that gets hold of crimson red color stigmas.

For testing its aroma, you can take two or three stigmas of the spice and rub it with your fingers and check whether or not it turns golden yellow and releases pleasing smell. This spice should be kept in cool, dark place. Also, you have to stuff them in a closed box. Only then, it can retain its pigments and flavors.

For pregnant ladies, craving saffron provides the following benefits,

  • Control Morning Sickness – Each and every pregnant lady badly suffers from morning sickness. The morning sickness is something that would not let you do your daily chores with a smile or steadiness. Say good-bye to the morning sickness by having a cup of tea flavored with spice.
  • Burst Mood Swings – During pregnancy, hormonal rushes will make you irritated and reckless. This spice will give you a relief from such issues. Having milk with this spice at night will help you wake up in the morning with an active mood and board smiles. All your gloomy and cranky days will come to an end.
  • Helps Digestion – It is needless to mention that, every pregnant woman will have that feeling of vomiting. Even milk becomes the enemy to pregnant ladies at times. Since, they can experience the temptation of vomiting every now and then. If you drink milk contains this spice, you will never get indigestion or nausea issues.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure – Just a few stands of this spice in milk help to lessen the blood pressure. Added to that, this spice acts as a uterine stimulant and a muscle relaxant.

What are you still waiting for? Just use the spice and experience the above-mentioned health, medicinal and nutritional benefits.

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