All facts about nutrition

Proper nutrition is a cornerstone of healthy life style. For hundreds of thousands of years a man ate the products given to him by the nature (or by the point of his spear), was fit, felt healthy and looked wonderful. Today, having around us a lot of cheap food, we realize that we don’t feel healthier than our predecessors. Therefore, we need precise and reliable information on what we eat and how we should eat.

According to recent research, the kind of nutrition at young age is crucially important for the rest of life, as it determines metabolic process of the body. Therefore, mothers should pay more attention to what and how their children eat.

It’s common knowledge that health, nutrition and wellness are closely interwoven.

Deviation from healthy diet can substantially affect health condition and well-being. One of civilization progress’ penalties is changing our eating pattern and consequently our eating habits. We tend to consume more and more detrimental to our health elements contained in the food we eat.

Modern food producers use various chemicals, flavor and aroma additives, artificial colorants and preservation agents to extend their products’ shelf life, make them taste better and look more attractive. These harmful components accumulate in the body, causing different diseases.

To make ourselves safe from them and secure a healthy diet, which can provide our bodies with all necessary nutrients and sufficient amount of calories, we should be aware of what we eat.